Luca Zitiello

Managing Partner of Zitiello Associati Law Firm

"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees, it will spend its whole life thinking it is stupid" (Albert Einstein)


A lawyer, he is the managing partner of Zitiello Associati. He was born in Florence in 1963, where he graduated magna cum laude in law with a pioneering thesis on the individual asset management service performed by trust companies, which, shortly after that, took him to Milan.

After an initial experience in the legal department of Sige (IMI Group), he joined Camozzi Bonissoni, founded the financial market law department, and remained a partner for ten years. In 2006, anticipating the spin-off season, he established Zitiello Associati as a legal boutique specializing in financial, banking, and insurance law. With 30 years of professional experience, he is considered by the market to be one of the points of reference in regulatory advice to banks and insurance companies, also carrying out intense activity in litigation over the years. He is the author of numerous publications on financial, banking, and insurance market law, collaborates with specialized journals, the national press, and television newspapers, and participates as a speaker at conferences of national interest. He has an intense activity of collaboration with the leading Trade Associations, which allows him to attend to the most relevant market issues with a privileged perspective, addressing them in their structural and systemic dimension.

In his spare time, he enjoys skiing in the winter and swimming and sailing in the summer. He has, in fact, a background as a skipper, a job he did as a young man to help out his family and support his studies. Given his surname and the southern origin of his paternal family, he is a big Napoli fan and lover of Neapolitan culture.

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