Giancarlo Marzo

Founder and managing partner of Marzo Associates law and tax firm

"If you want something you have never had, you must do something you have never done" (Thomas Jefferson)


Giancarlo Marzo is the founder and managing partner of Marzo Associati, a boutique law firm known for tax law and estate planning. He also holds the role of counsel at Polis Avvocati, the first law firm in the form of a cooperative with offices in Bari, Rome, and Milan.

A lawyer, class of '82, after graduating with honors in law from the University of Bari, he approached the world of national and international taxation with a master's degree in corporate tax law from Bocconi University, then perfecting his skills with the Summer course in international tax law held at the International tax center Leiden of Leiden University (Netherlands). Since then, he has been involved in nothing else.

A member of the Bari Bar since 2012, he has gained more than a decade of experience in pre-litigation and tax litigation, first in Milan for law firms such as Bernoni Professionisti Associati, and then in Rome at the firm Leo Associati as well as tax team leader for Loconte & Partner. Further expertise is in wealth management for the effective management - mainly as to tax risk - of family assets, also from a succession and generational transition perspective, also acquired as a result of the fruitful attendance, in 2015, of the master's degree "protection and transmission of assets" at the 24 Ore Business School. He has also held the position of subject matter expert within the Chair of Tax Law at the Faculty of Economics of Lum - Libera università mediterranea Jean Monnet in Casamassima (BA).

Married since 2019, in the little spare time he has, he devotes himself to sports and his greatest passion: travel.

Distinguishing skills:

  • Tax law
  • Wealth management
  • Generational transition

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