Daniele Majorana

Special counsel for Miccinesi tax legal & corporate and for Oikon Rechtsanwälte

"It always seems impossible until it is done" (N. Mandela)


After working in some of Milan's best-known tax law boutiques, he was a Snam (then Eni Group) tax manager from 2006 to 2010. Head of international liaison for Fantozzi & Associati until 2020, he is currently special counsel for Miccinesi tax legal & corporate in Italy and Oikon Rechtsanwälte in Germany and works with an international network of independent professionals. His areas of specialization include
  • domestic and international corporate reorganizations,
  • M&A and structured finance transactions, and
  • personal estate and trust planning.

    He holds the position of independent director at 106 TUB financial intermediaries. His publishing activities include dozens of publications in the most authoritative economic and tax journals. He also participates in tax conference panels and national and international webinars on international taxation, the digital economy, and cryptocurrency.

    He is a member of Ifa (International fiscal association), founder of the Italian blockchain association (Aib) as well as an associate of Babel (Blockchains and artificial intelligence for business, economics, and law - University of Florence).
    A pianist lent to tax law; he adopts an approach that starts from his many years of technical background and complements it with "lateral thinking" skills. With this approach, he faces the ongoing digital industrial revolution, trying to "systematize" the new challenges that technological evolution proposes.

    Distinguishing skills:

    • EU tax law
    • Financial taxation
    • Digital economy taxation
  • Talents in the same field

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