Alessandro Mainardi

"Gentleman with gentlemen, scoundrel with scoundrels" (my grandfather).


Lawyer, 58, tax lawyer, blogger, startupper.

Creator of the blog A Carte Scoperte, consultant to multinational tech companies such as Microsoft and fashion like Woolrich, has been dealing with tax issues since 1985 and has no intention of quitting. He moves effortlessly between the techniques of finance, the secrets of wealth management, and the courtrooms of the Supreme Court.

After being a partner in an international law firm with more than 1,000 lawyers, he is now a partner in an Italian law firm with two lawyers, where he follows clients one by one. Previously he set up with some colleagues a law firm that still exists; before that, he was one of the first partners of a significant Italian tax law firm. In 2008 he was called by Orrick, Herringont & Suttclife to create the Italian tax practice, and in ten years, he has set up from scratch the best Italian finance tax team.

His education began in Pavia with the Ghislieri College and University, where he graduated with honors and continued in Amsterdam with IBFD, the prestigious school of international tax law. Almost a year spent in two different law firms in New York convinced him that Italy was the best place to live and work. His encounter with international law issues led him to write the first handbook of EU tax law, published by Cedam in 1996. He experiences business not only as a consultant but also in person. He has served on the Steering Committee for the 20th Winter Olympic Games in Turin and on the board of directors of the Società Italiana per Azioni del Traforo del Monte Bianco, the Società Autostrada Asti - Cuneo, and Meliorbanca Valorizzazioni Immobiliari.

He has a wife and daughter who work harder than he does. He reads and does as much sport as age and time allow in his spare time.

Distinguish Skills:

  • Blogger
  • Startupper

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