The purchase price of houses sold at judicial auctions is generally 40 per cent lower than the market price; there are also tax benefits provided

When we talk about estate planning we refer to the process by which a property is organised, held and developed in the interest of its owners and, normally, of subsequent generations

A historic Lake Maggiore mansion, Villa Ada, hit the market in late June 2022. It was owned by the family of Russian princes Troubetzkoy, who hosted many celebrities from the world of culture and art

A factory born of the genius and inventiveness of a man never fed up with the world and beauty, Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo. The Venetian light, so beloved in Canaletto. One hundred years since the firs

Everything is ready for the reopening of the Florentine fair at Palazzo Corsini. Between patronage and technology, the return of antiquarians in attendance

It has now been 20 years since the introduction of the euro into our daily lives, and it often happens that we find old coins in our homes that are now out of legal tender. Can they be a treasure?

The group, which has always been attentive to the world of wine - being an excellent producer of it itself - acted as financial advisor for a major financial transaction involving the Missaglia winery

Even if its yield is not exceptional, the land can have a return if it’s well cultivated. If you were not farmers but investors, the purchase of land could be a productive investment when it is possib

There is the 1.0 (or traditional) version, the 2.0 (which was short-lived) version, and the 3.0 (or alternative) version. What are we talking about? About individual savings plans, one of the aces up


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