4-valenti copia


4-valenti copia

Nicole Valenti

Nicole Valenti is a designer. From Alto Adige, she graduated in Decoration with a specialization in design and multimedia arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, where she lives. At the same time, she graduated in graphic design from the International School of Comics in the same city. Immediately after graduating, he teaches at his academy in the department of Decoration. In 2018, she founded the NIVA design studio, whose productive excellencies include the handle, reinterpreted by drawing inspiration from vivid imagery, no stranger to the dream world. Currently, Nicole collaborates through her studio with international artists, designers, and collectible design galleries, always experimenting and researching new modes of expression.

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New districts dedicated to design continue to flourish in and around Milan. Collecting and business come together, intercepting ever new demands. We talked about it with the protagonists

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