The green heart of Italy smells of cocoa, truffles, and art. Of Luisa Spagnoli's entrepreneurial femininity, of Raphael's master, Perugino, whose 500th anniversary of his death occurs this year. Here'

In 2022, the Italian wedding tourism achieved a total turnover of 599 million euros thanks to the 11.000 weddings and honeymoons of Italian and foreign citizens. Which were the regions preferred by th

SUSHISAMBA, the internationally renowned restaurant celebrating Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culture and cuisine, will open on the 1st floor of the iconic Milan Tower, along with a brand new forma

A new foundation that is not just a museum. In the old palace on Corso Venezia in Milan, we discovered a cultural and gustatory hub in which the mystical austerity of a past civilization is not afraid

A journey through the streets of the Venetian capital with Francesca Rossi, director of the Civic Museums. To discover that "poetry is always truth"

Thanks to skillful real estate and economic restoration, it has been reborn, one of the icons of Italian hospitality, stationed in Fiuggi, which has now become a world-leading wellness medical spa in

"One of the hundred most beautiful hotels on the planet," according to the Tatler guide. The Times ranks it among the top ten, and the New York Times calls it "the most extraordinary destination in th

Here are the best places in Noto to take your clients for a formal lunch or a trendy aperitivo, suggested by Maurizio Nicosia

A former prison formerly the Bourbon royal palace; a literary island; six international artists. Thus was born Sprigionarti, an exhibition event of Procida Italian Capital of Culture 2022, a symbol of

Here are the best places in Venice to return to experience pleasant but, above all, safe business meetings outdoors, suggested by Paolo Legrenzi

Here are the best places in Bologna to take your clients for a formal lunch, a trendy aperitivo or a dinner to intrigue, suggested by Fabio Nalucci.

Outdoor tables and restaurants are surrounded by greenery and terraces suspended over cities that are rediscovering and reinventing themselves to welcome those returning from summer vacation. Here are


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Elegance today transcends the mere adherence to fashion norms and rules; it encompasses attitude, grace, self-assuredness, equilibrium, and individuality—the five fundamental pillars of this "new" ele

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