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The Ministry of Economy and Finance announces a maximum cap on the levy, and the FTSE MIB regains momentum. However, not only the banks will have to reckon with the effects of the new windfall tax on

The markets are reacting unfavorably to the government's decision to impose a windfall tax on bank profits, resulting in a wave of declines that are dragging down sector shares.

From BTPs to inflation-linked securities, exploring investment opportunities in the "State" asset class amidst credit and market risks.

It's not just about illness. What are the new major risks for our travels? And how can you protect yourself in advance?

We Wealth has selected 5 startups that stood out in the Italian Venture Capital market, spanning from artificial intelligence to biotechnology, education, and defense.

It's not just about BTPs. With long-term interest rates expected to remain high, Treasury Credit Certificates (CCTs) may find new space in investment portfolios. Here’s how to buy them while monitorin

According to analysts at Morgan Stanley, the relative strength of Piazza Affari is accompanied by still attractive valuations

The new issuance of four tranches of BTPs with maturities between three and 30 years: here’s how much they yield and by when you carry out your purchase

Eni, Hera, and Poste Italiane scored best this year in ET. Group's "test" of the degree to which sustainability is integrated into corporate strategies. While articulating dedicated professionals, fro

Here are the time deposits that offer the best terms for 36- and 60-month restricted amounts compared with the return of a Btp of the same term

The Treasury has announced the terms of the new BTPs: here's how much they yield

Italian small caps have underperformed by 13.5 percent year to date, losing further ground in the past month


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