We Wealth had the privilege of stepping into the prestigious Prata & Mastrale tailor shop to unveil the hidden intricacies of haute couture, proudly made in Italy.

the refined style of Agustina Bottoni, from Buenos Aires to Milan: top-quality artisanal interior design products with harmonious and elegant forms. Triennale Milano selected Agustina as one of the mo

Culture on the Road with OSA workshops, Returning to 'in-person’ sharing and learning, with outstanding teachers in magical places like Stromboli

Italy is reportedly considering the sale of minority shares in state-owned companies, according to Bloomberg. Ferrovie dello Stato (Italian State Railways) in focus

In Italy, rental housing costs continue to increase. Here is the situation in major cities. When and how can you request an Istat rent adjustment?

We Wealth has identified which banks offer the highest 12-, 36- and 60-month term deposit rates. And on the other hand, which are the most reliable banks

Cyberoo (+55%), Buzzi-Unicem (+52%), and Txt E-Solutions (+42%) have recorded the best performances since the beginning of the year, surpassing even the Ftse Mib

In the current market context, the decision to sell or retain a property (even of prestige) has become even more challenging. Here are seven reasons that lead to favoring the option of leasing

Exemption on fringe benefits up to 3,000 euros, but only for employees with financially dependent children

As we await the upcoming European Central Bank (ECB) meeting scheduled for September 14, borrowers are grappling with the latest monetary tightening. However, from December onward, interest rates coul

The Ministry of Economy and Finance announces a maximum cap on the levy, and the FTSE MIB regains momentum. However, not only the banks will have to reckon with the effects of the new windfall tax on

The markets are reacting unfavorably to the government's decision to impose a windfall tax on bank profits, resulting in a wave of declines that are dragging down sector shares.


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